Peter Lord

Founder & CEO
Board Member

MiniMed, Pacesetter, Alfred Mann Foundation

  • Expert in Medical Devices for Diabetes, Class II & III
  • 40 years  of  Implantable Pump Leadership
  • R&D, Clinical Research, and Regulatory, Leadership
  • Long time technical leader with Alfred Mann
  • Cornell University

Christian Merot

SVP Operations
Board Member
Alfred Mann Foundation, Cognos, Medallion Therapeutics

  • Expert in Class III medical device product development and manufacturing
  • 30 years Implantable Pump Leadership
  • Operations and Manufacturing 40 Years
  • California Institute of Technology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Gerda Resch

Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs
MiniMed, Medtronic, Alfred Mann Foundation

  • Regulatory expert with extensive experience in class III medical device, drug, and combination product development and submissions.
  • Expertise in international CE Mark, US FDA, and other regulatory body approvals.
  • Rutgers, Columbia, Regulatory Affairs Professional

Pedrum Minaie

Manager of System Engineering
Alfred Mann Foundation, Medallion Therapeutics, Replenish, and Biotronik

  • Accomplished engineering manager
  • Leader in the development and human engineering aspects of class III medical devices, including the Medallion pain pump, the Replenish ophthalmic drug pump, and the Biotronik spinal cord stimulator.
  • University of Nevada, Reno; University of Southern California